Tanker body by Jimmy Flintstone

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Tanker body by Jimmy Flintstone

Postby explorer2770 on Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:49 pm

FYI: Jimmy Flinstone is now casting a "1/25" scale tanker body. Part No. NB293, $15
http://jimmyflintstonestudios.com/?prod ... tanker-box

It looks to be made from the 1/32 Mack pumper body with a modified Italeri Opel tank, but I could be wrong.

He has also released a 1953 Ford 4-door cab over cab. Part No. NB295, $15
http://jimmyflintstonestudios.com/?prod ... or-cabover
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Re: Tanker body by Jimmy Flintstone

Postby maxwell48098 on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:44 pm

Note that the four door Ford COE is not a C-series, medium duty rig. It is the same width and has the same small fenders as the pickup. Just an FYI.

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Re: Tanker body by Jimmy Flintstone

Postby FIREMODELMAN on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:09 pm

I bought one from MODEL ROUNDUP last week. Took two days to get here! It looks to be a very nice casting, not too much flash to trim away. I was thinking of mating it to the 1950 Chevy pick up,( TEXACO version ) for use in the group build. Ill get some pics up soon.

Re: Tanker body by Jimmy Flintstone

Postby Modelmaker on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:36 pm

Some of the modeler's here in Wi seem to think that the casting is closer to 1/32 scale.....cant wait to get ahold of a couple of them.....Gary
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