Police reviewing replacement cars for Australia.

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Police reviewing replacement cars for Australia.

Postby Robbo on Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:30 am

The Ford Motor Co ceased production in Australia last year, Toyoto ceased production this week and GMH Holden is to stop production at its Elizabeth, South Australian plant next week. Most Police departments currently use the Holden Commodore for general patrols and up-graded versions for highway patrols. The NSW (New South Wales Police are currently assessing the Kia-Stinger which is not considered by some as a suitable replacement. The NSW Police have ordered 7 of the Volvo xc60 wagons for assessment for highway patrol duties. The South Australian Police Dept are looking at a BMW vehicle as a replacement.
It is a sad reality that all vehicle manufacturing, apart from busses, is now past history. All GMH, Ford and Toyota vehicles are now to be imported from overseas manufacturers.

Cheers from Robbo.

The Kia-Stinger.

The Volvo xc60.

The current Holden Commodore/caprice.

The BMW.
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