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Postby FDFF BUILDER on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:45 pm

I received a letter today that the local Fire District has proposed a Non-Ad Valorum Tax proposal, at $185 per property yearly. I appreciate having a well trained fire service, but as a State employee (not a pampered County employee), I haven't received a raise in six years, and I have to make do with a reduced staff and perform my duties (the criminals haven't taken time off due to the economy).

However, they recently built a huge fire station capable of holding a dozen trucks which is only 1/3rd to 1/2 full. Many of you may not want to hear this, but some belt tightening, and possibly no more trucks with full murals on the sides, less goodies (including several thousand in expensive lights which are not really needed) might just get people to be sympathetic to their request.

After their building spree in the District (they also recently built a another new huge public safety structure), this is not the time to ask for funds. They should have though ahead before they spent wildly on construction when property rates were elevated a couple of years ago (and didn't bother to have a bond issue). My house has lost $150K in value in two years, and my property taxes are already excessive.

I say fire the Commisoner if they need cash. Maybe tell E-One or others that they will no longer pay for a pumper with a quater of the costs on needless visuals, electric side ladder lowering devices, and stupid toys (and you all know that's true). And I know I make less than these firemen. Its up to a vote in the primary election, and I give it a snowballs chance in hell.


Postby RevnJeff on Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:02 pm

I can relate to your concerns. Raises in property taxes are never given a warm reception, except when the proposer is burned in effigy.

I am not a state employee, but a simple pastor who survives on the voluntary donations of our almost exclusively elderly members. I haven't had a raise in a couple years and now, they want to hit me with a double whammy.

First they want to change the health care plan from a $300/$600 deductible with 15% coinsurance and $2000 out of pocket to a plan that has a $1000/$2000 deductible and 30% coinsurance and $5000 out of pocket. OUCH.

Then they also want to stop paying for my wife's health coverage. That means I will have to pick up the cost. It becomes a $500 per month cut in pay. DOUBLE OUCH.

If that recommendation is accepted more than likely we will end up in bankruptcy and lose our house due to inability to pay our mortgage. Yippiee.

[Sarcasm On] (Bending over) Thank you sir. Please sir, can I please have another? [Sarcasm Off]

Until further notice, the City of Augsburg has suspended all new purchases or remodel projects until further notice. There is ZERO in the model budget.



Postby Pinolafire on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:04 am

I understand your frustration in my own situation Jeff. The city's tsx base is dying and the PD is often seen as a step child of the city. Our health care is so bad that it's cheaper to pay to be added to my wife's insurance than use what I get though the city.

We did get a cost of living increase but the fact is it only makes those of us that have been on for a while as target for the next administration. That way they could say their cutting waste... :(

Makes me very concerned for the future
And I understand the Budget woes of your dept. Oak Hill has the same... and no one's bailing us out either.. Wonder if I changed the name to Wall Street FD???
Matt :mrgreen:


Postby Chris on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:05 pm

I can understand all points. We just went through a fight to keep from our taxes being raised, in the end citizens were actually successful after pointing out a $300,000 item on the budget that should not have been listed as an expenditure therefore eliminating pretty much all of the $350,000 deficit they said we had and reason for the increase. Even being a firefighter I don't agree with buying all sorts of fancy stuff either, especially with tight budgets like now. Use the extra money for the frills for other needed things if taxes are not going to be cut. As long as there are things to cut, no reason to be raising taxes.

As far as raises, I think the freeze is pretty much the norm anymore, I work full time in the private sector and have not had one in a while, actually I took a 16.5% pay cut last year after getting laid off so I could get a job again.
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Postby FDFF BUILDER on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:35 pm

I do, as everyone else, sees the need for a good Fire Service. However, the same tax rate of $185 per property is levied on a small one bedroom 50K condo, as a multi-million dollar mansion, or an entire shopping plaza. Politicians are afraid to raise taxes here in Florida, but they excell at screwing the citizens any chance they can get. Wave a flag, show the Bible, yell "Liberal or Commie", and the people are afraid to question these scumbags. It's as if the rich are exempt, because they give huge campaign money. Most of the people I've spoken to were against the Non-Ad Valorem issue. However, I really don't know any millionaires, and I'm sure they loved it.

Anyways, the vote was yesterday, and the citizens have voted down the tax at 63% to 37%. Local coverage said '"the people were seriously dissapointed that the Fire Commission would try to dupe the citizens with this sort of lop-sided tax scheme". Hopefully, Iona-McGregor will consider no more twelve vehicle super-stations (the contractor was thrilled), or murals on pumpers for a while. Even if the mural was paid by some doner, that money (around $6,000) could have been put to better use.


Postby FDFF BUILDER on Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:39 pm

Well, on the eve of a new fiscal year, the Iona McGregor Fire District has not collapsed as a result of the "screw the non-rich" Ad Velorem Tax Plan being shot down. The only losers are the rich fat cats who proposed this assault on the middle class, and the never to be elected again fire district lunk-heads who supported this unacceptible screw job.

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