BMW Paramedic motorcycle.

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BMW Paramedic motorcycle.

Postby Robbo on Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:47 pm

An item of interest. The South Australian Ambulance Service has recently put into operation two BMW 1200R RT motorcycles to compliment their SPRINT (Single Paramedic Rapid Intervention) fleet, which also has had some compact Subaru vehicles fitted out as fast response units, operational for a few years. The motorcycles are used only on occasions when high traffic density is a major problem, such as our recent city road closures for setting up, running and dismantling the city Clipsal 500 V8 car race, which runs from a Thursday to the next Sunday. The bikes carry O2, heart monitor/fibrillator, emergency wound dressing, drugs (alpha/beta blockers etc. They can implement treatment while the normal emergency response ambulance is on its way. They have already saved lives, the most recent a two year old suffering from anaphylactic shock, where minutes mattered. The paramedics have also undergone special training in motorcycle handling.

I have sourced a model of the BMW 1200R (1:18 scale) and intend to do it up in the SAAS livery and of course add the lights and siren. May take some time as I have two other projects on the go.

I apologize for the quality of the attached pictures of one of the BMWs in action.

Cheers from Robbo :)
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