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New Tool!

Postby hooknladderno1 on Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:46 pm

Hey Guys,
I wanted to share some information of a tool(new to me) that may make a difficult job a lot easier. Have you ever attempted to take apart a die-cast vehicle removing the glue joints and "heat swaged" items? Have you ever had the X-acto knife or screwdriver blade slip while doing so? Ouch!!! Well, while patiently preparing to take apart my recently arrived Unimog diecast, I remebered that several months ago, I had ordered a "micro knife handle and blades" from Micromark. After removing a few screws from the chassis, I encountered the above glued and heat swaged items. The blade is shaped like a chisel, and easily cut through these barriers, without slipping or cutting me. You do have to use a little "twisting" motion with your wrist, but each part came away intact and clean. I was very impressed. Just wanted to share this info in case this process has been a challenge for others, and a great solution to the problem. Here is a link to the product if interested:,7668.html. I am not connected with Micromark, nor receive any benefit for this announcement. In fact, I have found that their prices on many common items are more expensive that the local hobby shops, but some items such as this can not be found locally. Hope this is helpful to someone.


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