A New Diecast Company

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A New Diecast Company

Postby R H on Sat May 02, 2009 10:02 pm

Well, I know most of us on here are primarily into plastic models. I also know that some of us collect diecast on the side. ;)

I am going to talk briefly about a diecast company that is a little different than most. (There will be more detail in an upcoming article in Model Cars Magazine). All the models mentioned are 1/50th scale.

TWH Collectibles came into the market in 2004 as a marketing company. In 2006 they started building replicas of Oshkosh Airport plows and blowers. They then started with Oshkoshs' newest ARFF RIg, the Oshkosh Striker 3000. The first series was mainly foreign airports, with the inclusion of one for the US Air Force and a Chicago rig that was recalled due to liscencing problems.
The second run of Strikers is a mix of US and foreign with rigs from Dulles in Northern Virginia, Indianapolis, and Clark County (Los Vegas), Nevada.


In the process of doing the Strikers, and since Pierce and Oshkosh are related, they (TWH and Pierce/Oshkosh) decided to do more fire apparatus. The Quantum pumper is the first to come out in this new series, with Kern County, California, Henrico County, Virginia, and Honolulu, Hawaii being the first ones out.


Now I will say this, they are expensive at $200.00 for the Srikers, and $190.00 for the Quantums, HOWEVER, these are very highly detailed including:
Air lines
wired batteries
Tilting cabs (Quantums)
Working ladder racks (Quantums)
detailed engines (visable throuh panels on the strikers)
And much more!

These are classified as "Museum Quaility Models" due to their detail, quality, and collectability.
There are two more coming in the Quantum line; Seminole County, Florida and San Antonio, Texas.
There are more Pierce rigs coming, including a Velocity HAL Ladder (quint) and Velocity PUC Pumpers, including Miami Dade, Florida.
There is also a series Seagrave TDAs pulled by Maurader cabs. Those will be:
Redwood City (CA)
Leesburg (VA)
Washington D.C. (ladders 13 & 16)
New London (CT)
Somerville (NJ)
Not all announced have release dates yet.

One final note: CAUTION: These can cause a collector to become addicted to collecting TWH! :D

Re: A New Diecast Company

Postby Tiny 26 on Sun May 03, 2009 12:24 am

A little too strong for me, but they are good looking pieces!! Thanks for the review.
Tiny 26

Re: A New Diecast Company

Postby struitte on Wed May 06, 2009 10:30 pm

I'm a die cast addict.

My wife is going to kill you when she finds out how I heard about these.

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