Ford F-350 Rescue Truck

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Ford F-350 Rescue Truck

Postby Robbo on Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:29 pm

I am amazed at the diversity and expertise of the various contributors to this forum, especially their skills in making the model looking like the original with expert paint work. I must admit my paint work is not as good, but at 72 years of age, I don't think it is going to improve.
I do not have air-brush equipment, but use spray can enamels and ‘tiny tin’ model paints with various art paint brushes for some smaller jobs. I use genuine reflective self-adhesive plastic sheeting off-cuts for the livery for most EM vehicles.
For colored LEDs, I use ultra bright white LEDs painted with either Tamiya or Humbrol clear red, blue or yellow paint. Any light bar lenses etc are made from clear Perspex and painted with clear enamel. The ‘RESCUE’ labels were produced with an inkjet printer.

I purchased the F-350 as a radio control toy for Aust $37.50. It had red LEDs for head and tail lights, yellow turn indicator LEDs above each front wheel, a speaker in the rear deck ( which played tinny music) and was surrounded by four flashing colored LEDs. The head and tail LEDs also flashed when the vehicle was in motion. A tinny horn sound was also featured as well as the doors being remotely opened.

I stripped the F-350 completely and diced the music/horn/flashing light circuit board and sorted out the 27mHz receiver channels to control the various functions in the rescue truck. Forward, reverse, left and right turn functions were kept as is.
Additional holes were drilled in the front and rear head and tail light assemblies to accommodate small LEDs for turn indicators and stop lights.

The rear cabin with ‘roll-up’ door was scratch built, using a cut down 5” diskette storage box, .5mm sheet styrene as well as rectangular tube styrene for the ladder rails. The ladder steps are cut down round tooth picks.

The main underbody battery pack (8 x Nicad AA) produced 10.6v @ 800mAhrs. This was inadequate, so I built a new battery pack, using 8 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries @ 2400mAh rating.

While I technically finished the model in early 2010, I had problems with circuits interacting, which caused some malfunctions at times. I only got back to investigating and rectifying the problems in the last three months. Adding an additional battery to the main power supply was a great benefit. This now gives a true 12v, for a long running time. The electronics for flashing lights, sirens etc are powered by 8 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries @ 2400mAh rating,

The link for the web site of the model, with pictures; showing painting, construction, and two videos is: ... e%20Truck/

Pictures are best viewed as a slide show, to display the descriptive text.
I trust that some of you will find this of interest.

Cheers from Robbo

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Re: Ford F-350 Rescue Truck

Postby chariots of fire on Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:38 pm

WOW! I'm impressed! There's enough wire in there to redo the house! Nice job Robbo. Don't let your age scare you away from modeling. Going on 71 myself. :lol:
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