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Postby dimaxion+1 on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:38 pm

I am unable to Post any of my builds anywhere . The last time was in 2012 . So , even though I have a Few pieces of Emergency Equipment . I am bummed and compensate by Posting New Items I have access to . This is my small contribution to this site . I will state I have one Build of Notoriety . Does anyone remember the OSP "Ghost Patrol" ? These were 50 new Plymouth OSP Cruisers separated out a Shipment to the State . These 50 were not Marked . Just All white , not Black and white . While still having the Flying Tire on the doors . All the Radios , Antennas , Emergency Red Cross First Aid kits in the Trunk - and the obligatory Red Cross Decal on the Left side of the Trunk Lid . I built a replica of Unit 389 . As you may see , I have intimate knowledge of the Car 389 . I collected 22 Warning Tickets with my '65 Mustang Convertible . Yup , same Ghost car . The License plate light had a ground Problem . Every time I was initially stopped for Excessive Exhaust Noise . After a Roadside inspection proving my Pipes were Just Legal , I would get another warning about my Dim license Plate Light . I think the Warning Tickets were out of Desperation . I was then under 21 at that time . When I Crossed Over to 21 , this Police Attention ceased for some reason .
Soooo , on with the New Stuff ;
Historic Rails and Roads sent me a Catalog the other day . In it I found in Die Cast , 1/24 SCALE ;
1950 Ford Step Van ,(Sunnydale Farms) , 1937 Studebaker Hearse ; w/ Wooden Casket & Funeral Wreath , 1999 Lincoln Town Car Limousine , Some Citizens (people figures) .
In 1/25 SCALE ; International - 560 Pay Loader Logger & 175 Logger , International TD - 25 Crawler w/side boom.

Salty but exclusive . The Stud Hearse has been around , as is maybe the Lincoln Limo . Thanx .. Enjoy

Re: New items

Postby dimaxion+1 on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:45 pm

The TD Crawler has a side Boom , Not Side Blade . I am unable to Edit ?? Thanx ..

Re: New items

Postby hookandladderno1 on Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:48 am

Just got one of the 1950 Ford Stepvans! I'm turning it into my hometown's first "Emergency Truck". Unit is disassembled, and am working at removing the two raised horizontal side moldings that run the length of the truck. I will be ordering an appropriate grill, as the one included is different than our's. FYI, there are two types of the 1950 Stepvan. One is a bank, while the other a diecast vehicle. Interestingly, the bank is at least 50% cheaper! If you plan to do a conversion as I'm doing, that's " money in the bank"! I have removed the coin box from the bank, which is easily done. No slots in thre body either!



Re: New items

Postby Aaronw on Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:18 pm

Nice to see a cheaper bank is now available. I've got one of the diecasts which was already set up as a fire van, but they are not cheap (I found mine on sale, but they are usually at least $50). Somebody makes a neat IH step van as well, although I haven't tracked one down yet.

dimaxion+1 wrote:The TD Crawler has a side Boom , Not Side Blade . I am unable to Edit ?? Thanx ..

Fixed it for you.

On the posting photos issue are you using a host site like Photobucket?

I believe Chris disabled the direct photo posting feature here because it was making it easier for the site to get malware.
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