Matchbox National Parks Forest Ranger P/U

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Matchbox National Parks Forest Ranger P/U

Postby chariots of fire on Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:37 pm

I always scour Walmart to see what they have for fire and police vehicles to add to my collection. Today I found two new ones: A 2015 Ram 4-dr p/u in light green livery that says "National Parks Forest Ranger" in black. Body has built in cabinets on each side of the bed and lettering that says "Satellite Communications". Shield on front doors is orange and black with the word "PARK" at the top and a big grizzly bear face under it. Also says RAM 1500 on the door and you can read "HEMI" on the sides of the front fenders. It's unfortunate that the headlights are not painted. The big push bar in front is part of the grill and headlights which are all black. A little white or silver paint would do the trick but I intend to keep them in the blister packs with all the others.
The second one is a "Blaze Blitzer" that looks a bit like a Metz crash truck. It is red with white strips and says "Wilton Fire" on the upper body. Nice shield on the rear cab doors that says Wilton Fire Department Serving the Community. It may be for Wilton, Conn. but it is hard to read. Has Engine 5 on the front cab doors. Roll up doors on sides and rear of body.
Both are nice looking pieces.
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