The newbie in the house

The newbie in the house

Postby kitbasher 717 on Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:15 am

Hello to my brother model builders , firemen , ems, policemen etc. , I'm new to the site and I'm very excited to get to know all of you over time . I have been in the volunteer fire service for 31 yrs. and have served 2 fire departments . I started as Junior firemen with Citizens Fire Co. #1 Weatherly Pa. and I now serve with the Citizens Fire Co. #1 in Palmyra Pa . for the past 21 yrs. . Like everyone else in the volunteer fire service I have served in many positions from Engine Company Lt. to Vice President . I have been an avid model builder for many years and according to my wife spend way too much time and money doing it . I started building fire trucks about 10 yrs. ago and have been working on my depts. fleet . I also build models for those who make requests which also gets me in the doghouse with the wife , but I love the hobby and hope to share and learn with and from all of you . Scale firehouse is a great site to see what others in the hobby are doing and I have been a frequent visitor of the site . I hope to post some of my pics as soon as possible . Thanks for your time and be safe , Yours in Brotherhood , Matt Gerhart
kitbasher 717

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